Wood Furnaces with Forced Air Unit

A wood burning furnace is a type of furnace which uses wood as its main fuel source. In Sometimes, a wood furnace can use radiant heat to control environmental conditions in the house, or else it can be a forced air furnace. Forced air furnaces force air into the furnace, heat it up, then force the heated air into the ducts for distribution throughout the home. This process is also known as central heating. Basically, a fireplace can also be considered a wood burning furnace.

Of course, traditional wood burning furnaces may be more common, but as a really useful tool, a forced-air furnace unit is preferable. If the furnace is of correct proportions and is working properly, it can produce the desired amount of heat with no problem. Most modern wood burning furnace devices have the ability to control the amount of burn needed to keep your house at a nearly permanent temperature.

Wood Burning Furnace

Wood Burning Furnace

The main advantage of a wood burning furnace is the low cost. They are usually less expensive because wood is cheaper than gas or oil. It’s also renewable. Though there are exceptions – in some areas wood is pretty expensive.

As with any wood burning fireplace, it is important to be sure that combustible material is nowhere near the furnace. Some companies recommend at least four feet of a clearance on every side of a wood burning furnace. It’s advisable that the space left for a wood burning furnace is a little more than what is required for other kinds of furnaces, just because additional care should be taken to ensure that burning embers have no chance to land on potentially dangerous materials. Though in case of the furnace working properly, however, the logs should never leave the furnace.

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