Ashley Wood Stove as a Heat Source

No doubt that Ashley wood stoves can be an attractive additional to your home. They a great heat source! Ashley is known for the fine craftsmanship and finish. These wood stoves are not just a great heat source, but they also add to the d├ęcor of your home.

Ashley Wood Stove

They can help you to create a homey atmosphere that will last through the years. Ashley wood stoves are now owned by Martin Hearth and Heating. They have absorbed the Ashley wood stove brand into their own catalog. However, Martin Hearth and Heating has also absorbed the quality and durability you might associate with Ashley stoves.

Similar Wood Stoves Brands

Characteristics of Ashley wood stoves:

These wood burners can put out as much as 45,000 BTUs an hour. This translates into enough heating capacity to keep a 1,200 square foot home warm and cozy. Add on accessories can be bought to further enhance the stove heats.

The Ashley wood burning stove is designed to accept cordwood sized between 20 and 24 inches long.

Like most woodstoves you’ll need adequate wall clearance. In this case the manufacturer suggests 17 inches on the sides and 35 inches on the back. Exactly how much clearance you’ll need depends on the size of stove you chose obviously. Then too this required clearance may determine where you install it.

AS with any wood stove these need to be placed on a non-combustible surface – which are known as hearth pads – for added safety.

Ashley stoves run quiet and have easy-access ash pans.

Ashley Wood/Coal Furnace

Ashley Wood/Coal Furnace

Ashley Warm Air Wood/Coal Furnace, Heating Performance 25,100 To 107,000 BTU’s Per Hour, Enough To Heat Most Medium & Large Homes Up To 2,000 SQFT,Wet and Dry Wood Or Hard and Soft Wood, Extra Heavy Duty Cast Iron Feed & Ash Door With Ceramic Door Gaskets Prevent Warp Age, Furnace Control Center Automatically Monitors The Draft Fan & The Two Speed Distribution Fan, & Decrease Creosote Formation At Start Up, Extra Large 2 Speed Distribution Blower, 750-CFM, 1,050-CFM, Automatically Accelerates Distribution Air Increasing Efficiency While Preventing Overheating, Log Length 22″, Coal Capacity 105 LB, Smoke Pipe Outlet 6″, Heat Outlet 12″.

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