Aurora Marble Fireplaces

Aurora fireplaces are made with the finest marble. They are sculptured in classical, traditional and contemporary designs. The Aurora Fire Company was established in Portlaoise in 2006. Nowadays Aurora specialises in reproduction antique Fireplaces, manufactured from premium grade cast iron. Aurora assembles, finishes, paints (using heat resistant products), packs and distributes understated Georgian and elaborate Victorian models to over 100 Irish Fireplace Retailers.

Aurora Fireplace Inserts

Aurora Fireplaces

Aurora Fireplaces

Almost two hundred years ago, when fireplace inserts were originally produced, the fireplace was a large hole in the wall and a large focal point of the room. Original inserts for these fires swept back into the opening for anything from 5 to 20 inches.

Modern homes generally have smaller rooms and smaller openings for fireplaces. It was a problem for those people, who attempted to retrofit original antique inserts into newer homes. They found installation to be extremely difficult and sometimes even impossible. So this problem led to the development in 1984 of the 3” return, when manufacturers of cast inserts changed the angle of their castings to sweep back only 3” and manufacturers of surrounds started to add an extra 3” to the outside rebate of their surrounds.

Victorian Tiled Fireplaces

The 1980s saw the end of an era when, after 250 years of production, the bulk of the European iron founding industry closed. However, some original pattern drawings were rescued. One of these was for a tiled fireplace, which Aurora have reproduced and renamed ‘The Headford’.

Victorian Arched Fireplaces

Original Arched Fireplaces had no canopy. However, almost all modern arch inserts do. Many modern houses contain small openings for fireplaces. They are too small to support an original insert. So in 1984 fireplace manufacturers developed the 3” return. It had a serious advantage. The advantage of the 3” return is that the fireplace may be fitted to a flat wall and there’s no intrusion of the insert beyond the wall.
However, there is also a disadvantage. The disadvantage of the 3” return is that fireplaces are now fitted forward of the flue opening and this may, and often does, lead to smoke problems. A canopy helps smoke move up the chimney.

Combination Fireplaces

Many original antique inserts feature an adjustable canopy designed to make an open fire more efficient. The way it works is the following: When a fire is first lit, the chimney is cold and its draw is weak. So to prevent smoke ingress into a room, the canopy may be adjusted to its outer limits. As the chimney warms up, the draw increases. And whilst smoke is now effectively removed from the room, the heat from the fire can also be drawn up the chimney.

Once the fire is lit, the canopy can be pushed back. This reduces the draw and increases the amount of heat output to the room. Aurora fireplaces have developed the ‘Napier’ insert with this adjustable canopy feature. Additional inserts, also featuring an adjustable canopy, will shortly be introduced.

Georgian Fireplaces

The Aurora Fire Company reproduces the style of original Georgian fireplaces with modifications to suit more modern dwellings.

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