Baby Bear Fisher Stove

The “Bear series”

The Fisher “Bear Series” single door stoves have a six-inch flue and were named:

  • “Papa Bear”, having two air intakes, logs to 30”.
  • “Mama Bear”, having two air intakes, logs to 24”
  • “Baby Bear”, having one air intake, logs to 18”.

The “Fireplace Series” double door stoves have a 8 inch flue and were named the “Grandma Bear”, is 25 1/2″ across the top plate. And “Grandpa bear”, which measures 29 1/2″ across the top plate.

All stoves made to go into a hearth or fireplace were called  “Inserts“. They were later available with glass doors. Freestanding Pedestal type stoves were the “Honey Bear”, and the Mobile Home approved “Goldilocks”. The “Coal Bear” was the coal burning stove that featured reversible grates. The biggest model “XL” had two doors and a ten-inch flue which was capable of heating up to 3000 square feet.

The Fisher stoves fell out of favor, as stove technology improved, and the company mostly slowed production by the mid-eignties. A few isolated franchises remained, but no designs were ever produced which met the EPA standards in the US.

About Baby Bear Fisher Wood Stoves

Fisher Baby Bear Stove

Fisher Baby Bear Stove

A wonderful Baby Bear Fisher wood stove can heat up to 1500sq/ft area. It has the traditional Fisher style at its best.

The Baby Bear wood stove is approximately 15.5×29x24 and has the firebirck inside. With the ever increasing cost of heating nowadays, this Fisher woodstove is definitely a blessing on the family finances.

This stove has a single door, single ait intake, and takes up to eighteen inch log.

The Fisher Baby Bear Wood Stove has amazing charm and exclusive appeal for collectors since these stoves may be difficult to obtain now that they are no longer in the production.

The Baby Bear models have one air intake and will log to 18”. Fisher is the best known and most sought after stove in the country.  Fisher Wood Stoves being no longer in manufacture only so many of the old stoves may be still be around and in working order.

These stoves may be rusting in old sheds or can sometimes be found in house clearances. Having been built with cast iron doors and robust steel there would be little wrong with any stove you may find.

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