Charglow Patio Heaters Features

Charmglow fireplaces are getting more and more popular with homeowners these days. Heaters of this brand tend to be closer to the low end of the price range for patio heaters. This makes them quite a bit more affordable. Actually, the prices of Charmglow heaters do vary depending on what features you would like to be included.

Main Features of Charglow Heaters

Charglow Electric Stove

Charglow Electric Stove

There are a wide range of heaters available from Charmglow. As a rule, the majority of them are fitted with a thermostat. It’s very important because the temperature can be increased or decreased depending on how cold it is.

In addition, there is one more impressive feature in Charglow heaters. This is a timer. In case you are expecting guests to come over, the heater can be programmed to turn on at a set time. Furthermore, it can be set to turn off so you do not have to worry about remembering to do this.

Other types of heaters of this brand usually come with a remote control. This can be beneficial, if you are inside the house preparing a meal and you have forgotten to use the timer, you can use the remote control with out having to go outdoors and risk catching a chill.

Nowadays there are different versions of this product available for indoors too. You should keep in mind that a heater sometimes only heats up the room that it is in. However, some heaters come attached with a device which blows the warm air around. So if the doors to other areas are kept open, then the heat will travel around.

Most Charmglow models run off propane that can use the same size tank and connections that your grill would run off of. This makes it more portable than one stuck to a natural gas line or an electric one with a cord.

Tabletop or Stand-up Version?

Charmglow patio heaters come in tabletop or stand-up version. Tabletop patio heaters run on propane. They cannot use natural gas. If you have a natural gas line, you should choose the stand-up version.

Charmglow does make the full sized stand up heaters. However, the most popular heater is a Charmglow stainless steel table top heater. This heater is a unique one. It can use the grill size propane container or the smaller camping sized propane canister. If using the larger propane just run the hose through the umbrella hole in the middle of the table if you have that type.

If you use a Charmglow patio heater, you should take several things into consideration.

1. Fuel Source

Electric patio heaters are safe to use inside your screened in porch or outside on an open deck or patio. Note: natural gas, propane or kerosene heaters require a well-ventilated room.

If you are using a gas Charmglow patio heater in a three-season porch, you should always leave a window cracked. It’s very important to have a carbon monoxide detector somewhere on the porch just in case.

Charmglow patio heaters have a base that fits a 20-pound LP canister. This keeps your propane tank hidden and protected from weather.

2. Inspect Your Gas Charmglow Patio Heater Before Every Use

You should always check the connections and burner fittings before using your Charmglow patio heater. While it’s not common for a burner to corrode, extreme humidity may cause the burner metal to rust. If there is obvious wear to the burner, you must replace it.

Check the hose connections to make sure they are snug. Note: do not light your outdoor heater if there is the possibility of a gas leak.

3. Anti-tip Gas or Electricity Shut Off

Most outdoor patio heaters have anti-tip shut off features that stop the flow of gas if your Charmglow patio heater is bumped or tips over. For electric patio heaters, the heater turns off automatically cutting the electrical source to prevent a fire. It’s very important to make sure your Charmglow patio heater has these features. It’s easy for kids or pets to accidentally bump a heater when they are playing.

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