Children’s Safety VS. Wood Stove

Why are wood stoves becoming more and more popular? The answer is simple and yet convincing: heating a large area, wood stoves do not affect your bill. However you are likely to pay less money for electricity or gas if you have a wood stove.
Doubtlessly, money is not our sole concern. What we really consider the most important thing are children. That is why there is a necessity in knowing certain rules when you indent to install a wood stove in a house with children.

Here are main tips how to guarantee the security of your beloved children:

1. A fence around your wood stove is definitely the first thing you should think over. Buy and install it around your wood stove so that you children could not come to it too close. It is wrong to thing that children are afraid of fire and feel instinctively the necessity to be careful with it. The truth is quite the opposite, small children are usually enchanted by fire and want to touch it. Parental ‘no’ is not very effective instrument sometimes, so you will have to take more serious steps such as installing a fence. The fence is to be placed in a proper distance from the wood stove. It must be of sufficient height and be built in the manner which prevent children from climbing it (fine mesh or vertical rail).

Chidren's Safety with Fireplace

Chidren's Safety with Fireplace

2. Tossing thing over the fence in your stove is one of the most favorite occupations of small children. A plastic toy is unlikely to damage your stove, but when melted it releases toxic fumes. Heavier things thrown in your wood stove can break its fragile parts. To avoid unpleasant consequences you should supervise your kids all the time.

3. As it has already been mentioned children feel nothing but awe when they watch fire burning. It is up to parents to teach their children how dangerous fire can be and why they are not allowed to play with it. You shouldn’t overdo by suggesting your child that fire is a hungry monster, that won’t do any good for them. However hazards of heating and cooking devices should be treated seriously by both children and parents.

4. Stove chores can be much easier if your older children help you. You can ask your children to sweep up the area around the stove, to bring pallets or firewood or to look after younger children while you are busy with the stove. More complicated tasks should be undertaken by grownups or teenagers.

5. Wood stoves are inevitable to release pollutant into indoor air. There are children who suffer from asthma or have allergy to smoke. That is why certain precautious measure should be taken. Don’t let a child with allergy or asthma in the room when cleaning or filling ash pan. Regarding pollutants emitted you should buy wood stoves approved by EPA. The EPA approves only those stoves that release the minimal level of pollutants. When buying a stove ask a sales-attendant to demonstrate a model with the EPA sticker.

6. The ash pan can constitute a threat to your children if it is placed within their reach. The ash pan is likely to contain hot embers buried with ash; it won’t be of any good to your little one if the ash pan will be discovered, so keep it within the confines of the fence. Dispose of the ash when it is absolutely cold.

7. Try to keep the area in perfect order, every little wood chip can be found by a small adventurer and be swollen. Sweep up around the wood stove and supervise your kids. They can be really unpredictable.
8.Fire burning Oxygen and the wood heat being so dry you should take some measure to level humidity. Children are more susceptible to dry air; especially bad can be impact on infants. To preserve the air moist, put a pot of water on the wood stove when it is being used.

If you follow all abovementioned rules you ensure you children’s security. There is nothing unusually difficult or impossible in raising children in home with wood stove. Supervision and necessary knowledge is all that is needed.

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