Coleman Fire Pits

Coleman Fire Pit

Coleman Fire Pit

Coleman has been in the outdoor business for about hundred years. Nowadays this brand is the world’s largest provider of outdoor/camping gear. Coleman has masterfully crafted and very elegant outdoor fireplace with the Firelight Ambiance Fireplace. It has a durable and heavy duty metal frame and beautiful granite ring that not only gives a hint of sophistication but can be used as a table by simply covering the bowl.

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The Coleman outdoor heaters are very warming and also very safe. Coleman outdoor heaters are also very portable. It is easy to make sure that you can stay warm, no matter where you are, when you have one of our Coleman outdoor heaters.

Coleman Outdoor Fireplaces

The Coleman is a very nice propane outdoor fire pit that has a powerful 21,000 BTU burner that can run effectively on 16.4 oz propane canisters or twenty lb tank, which is sold separately. The Firelight Ambiance Hearth is simple to assemble as well as transportable. It is simple to assemble. When it is lit, it does set the mood with its stunning glow of light and heat set against the granite and wrought iron finish. The granite ring stays cold while the hearth is in use.

The Coleman copper top outdoor fireplace is basically elegant while being very simple in its design. It comes with a year warranty. However, it is designed for longevity in its master craftsmanship. The Firelight Ambiance Hearth also comes with a cover for the bowl to protect it from the elements. It’s 30 inches in diameter and will look great anywhere. This hearth is guaranteed to be a conversational piece to your patio or yard furniture and a heat source.

The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth

Arctic Cast iron Chimenea

Arctic Cast iron Chimenea

The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth is made from long lasting and heavy duty forged iron. It is constructed to be decorative to your patio or yard. It can be used year round and is crack resistant. Swivel-hinged cooking grid for simple grilling. Cast Iron Log grate as well as ash door for simple emptying.

It’s good to note that the Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth does not need sand or gravel to hold it in to place. The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth makes use of regular logs or artificial to blaze up those icy evenings or to get the yard BBQ going in a flash! It is not a gas outdoor hearth it’s made of forged iron so don’t go trying to build a outdoor fire pit by yourself.

The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth is 96lbs. It is a transportable outdoor hearth that will last a long time. The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth with its heavy duty and long lasting construction as well as its crack resistance makes it great to make use of all year long and has that seal of longevity that only great craftsmanship and forged iron can give.

The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth because of its design has long lasting heat retention. As against fuel outdoor heaters, the Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea is going to have lasting heat. It is not going to cost additional monies on purchasing propane, gels, kerosene, and other fuel sources.

This wood burning hearth makes use of either logs or artificial logs. Cast Iron is a safe way to cook as well as use as a heating source and the Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth is safe and is lead free. The Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Hearth is going to come to your home with tiny assembly necessary and is only going to need you to toss on some logs and get it started.

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