Copper Fire Pits for Yard and Deck

Copper fire pits are an easy and elegant way to warm up an outdoor area for a quiet evening with your significant other or for a party . You can burn charcoal or wood in a copper fire pit, or you can also put a gas insert into a copper pot to create your own unit. Whatever you choose, you are going to get an instant atmosphere for your yard, patio or deck.

Copper Fire Pits

Copper Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are one of the fastest growing trends in outdoor design, because they allow to enjoy the outdoor fire all year around. Fire pits are also a great way to lighten up any backyard gathering or barbecue party. These devices are also very appropriate for adding unrivaled ambiance to your yard, deck, and patio and fighting cold temperatures.

Portable outdoor fire pits are usually produced not only from copper, but also from stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic or aluminum, and the manufactorers typically privide accessories such as optional pit covers, and for propane and gas fire pits optional ceramic logs  and lava rocks. A majority of the fire pits are fueled one of gas/propane or two ways-wood burning .

Copper Fire Pits Outlook

Portable outdoor copper fire pits are the perfect investment for people wanting a low maintenance, outdoor fire but either don’t need or can’t afford the solid structure of a custom built outdoor fire pit.

Designed for small fires, these copper fire pits are offering warmth and ambiance in the comfort of your own backyard for use on the tabletop or ground itself. With these units you will enjoy the comfort and beauty of an outdoor fire without the worry of the fire getting out of control and threatening your safety.

Portable patio fire pits are available in a variety of styles. The large amount of choices makes it easy to choose the one, which will coordinate with your outdoor furniture. If you want a truly exquisite outdoor fire pits you might want to consider the ones which for decoration include the touches of granite or even mosaic patterns.

Copper Fire Pits Specifics and Chimineas

Copper fire pits have a classic look, which appeals to many people, and are quite durable.

Chimineas are miniature steel or ceramic fireplaces, which perfect for use on patios and decks on. The difference between a chiminea and a basic fire pit design is that the chiminea (or chimney) is channeling smoke away and up from the people using it. This is a real benefit to those whose eyes are sensitive to wood smoke. Usually they are made out of ceramic, and meant to provide heat and cook food by burning wood logs.

Copper Fire Pits Safety

A majority of the outdoor fire pits should be placed on a concrete , stone or brick surface in order to prevent fire. Wood decks require a barrier or fire resistant pad to be safe.  You should make sure that the fire pit is on level ground and that you have water, sand, or a fire extinguisher nearby. You should cover all fire pits after use (it means when all parts are cool) to protect the materials from debris , sun and rain. Propane fire pits and gas fire pits are an excellent choice for places, which have restrictions on outdoor burning.

How to Properly Use a Copper Fire Pit

  • Use common sense to choose the location for your fire pit. You don’t want it near any buildings, trees or dry grasses. Set it up out of the way of foot traffic but in a spot that makes it easy for people to enjoy.
  • You should read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which regard your copper fire pit. These instructions will tell you which lighters and fuels you should avoid and which you should use. For example, untreated wood or is charcoal fine, but pressure-treated wood can be not so good for the  copper fire pit. You also shouldn’t start your fire with gasoline or lighter fluid.
  • You shouldn’t load your fire pit to the top with wood since the flames will get too high for safety. You should use a screen to catch embers and ash, and keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby.
  • As much as you use pinon you should try wood, because it keeps away mosquitoes and smells good. You can try mixing pinon with a hard wood if you wish so.
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