Efficient Blaze King Stoves

Nowadays Blaze King is the world leader in efficient, clean burning wood stoves. Blaze King wood stoves hold the record for the longest burn times and greatest overall efficiency. Blaze King was the first hearth company to receive B415 approval for their APEX-CBT indoor wood furnace. Moreover, Blaze King provides 5 year parts & labor warranty on the complete line of gas stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

It’s good to note that the Blaze King wood stove offers many advantages over its nearest competition. For instance, these stoves use a special bimetal coil thermostat. This differs from other wood stoves because they rely on dampers to control the temperature and flow of heat. Wood naturally burns unevenly, which can create a very uneven heat. However, Blaze King models use a bimetal coil thermostat to help control this process.

Blaze King Classic Wood Stoves

Blaze King Stoves

Blaze King Stoves

Blaze King Classic Wood Stoves provide the optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. Imagine, that when wood is initially burned in the firebox of the stove, usually as much as one-third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King catalytic combustor stoves capture these gases and materials and then burns them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney. This secondary burn capability means greater heat output and cleaner emissions from the wood consumed. As the result your overall consumption of wood is reduced while your heat output is increased.

Moreover, these wood heaters create more heat than heaters of some other brands. Blaze King Classic Wood Stoves have large fire boxes lined with thermo-reactive fire brick which radiates heat directly into the room. They have been tested and certified with an overall efficiency of 82.5% for the KE 1107. For extended burn times, large logs can be used, and up to 80# of wood can be loaded, eliminating the hassle associated with the frequent reloading of smaller stoves.

Several special features of Blaze King Wood Stoves should also be mentioned. Blaze King Wood Stoves have a large viewing glass door. This option allows the fire to be seen from different angles in the room, creating an atmosphere of an open fireplace.

Blaze King has free-standing wood stoves available as well as wood furnaces. Some of the Blaze King wood stoves come with fans that will turn on and off according to the preset speeds. They can burn up to 90,000 BTU s and all models are approved for mobile homes. No doubt Blaze King wood stoves can be a perfect choice for anybody who is seeking a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat their home.

Blaze King Stoves — King or KEJ-1101

King and KEJ-1101 are two of the few stove models that require an oval combustor. The combustor is 7 inches by 9 inches by 2 inches thick, contains 16 cells per square inch, and is wrapped in a stainless steel can.

Blaze King Stoves — Blaze King’s King Model

Blaze King’s King Model wood stoves have been manufactured since 1977. The size of the stove is one of the largest in the industry. King has a reputation for having a firebox that will hold enough wood for over a 47 hour burn time. The stove can have output of up to 47,000 BTU/hr. It requires a combustor that is 7 inches round by 2 inches thick, with 16 cells per square inch and wrapped with a stainless steel can.

Blaze King Stoves — Princess (early)

The Princess can hold up to 90 pounds of wood ending the frequent reloading of the firebox. It operates with an 82% efficiency maximizing your output and with its catalytic combustor minimizes the emission output. The Princess uses a catalytic thermometer with a 2 inch probe. The thermometer is (Condar code 3CX-2). This stove requires a combustor that is 6 inches round by 3 inches thick, with 25 cells per square inch wrapped with a stainless steel can.

Blaze King Stoves — #2200

The stove requires a combustor measuring 3.6 inches by 5.3 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch and canned.

Blaze King Stoves — Challenge II or Royal 2100

Blaze King Models maximize the use of 2 Combustors for Efficiency. Both Challenge II and Royal 2100 use combustor model CC-506, which encompasses two combustors for improved effeciency. To maximize emission-friendly wood heat, Blaze King stays current with new technology to provide high output catalytic stoves with longer burn times. The stove requires a set of 2 combustors measuring 3.6 inches by 6.1 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch, uncanned.

Blaze King Stoves — PEJ 1102

The PEJ 1102 needs an extra strip of CatGard Gasket measuring 2 inches by 31 inches (1P350) to install with this combustor. The stove requires a combustor measuring 3.6 inches by 10.6 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch and canned.

Blaze King Stoves — PEJ 1006

The Blaze King PEJ 1006 requires a combustor measuring 4.0 inches by 10.6 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch and canned with flange.

Blaze King Stoves — Royal Heir

The stove requires a combustor measuring 3.5 inches by 10.2 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch and uncanned.

Blaze King Stoves – KEJ 1102 or KEJ 1102P

The stove requires a combustor measuring 5 inches by 10.5 inches by 2 inches, 16 cells per square inch and canned.

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