Amerex and Kiddle Fire Extinguishers

If you wish to purchase a wood burning fireplace, then you should also purchase a fire extinguisher, for example, Amerex or Kiddle. Keeping a fire extinguisher near your hearth could, one day, save your life and your home. Fires cost millions in damages and take hundreds of lives every year in the USA. This is why keeping a fire extinguisher close to the fireplace, and knowing how to use are so important.

ABC extinguisher

ABC Fire Extinguisher

ABC Fire Extinguisher

An ABC extinguisher is an advisable option. It can extinguish 3 classes of fires. Class C fires are electric. Class B fires involve fuels like kerosene or gasoline. Fires in the Class A category burn lumber, paper or cardboard—the sort of material used in a fireplace.
So get the right kind of extinguisher and learn how to use it properly.

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There are certain types of fire extinguishers that are useful in select situations. For instance, carbon dioxide extinguishers can be used to put out both Class B and Class C fires. Types ABC and BC are both dry chemical extinguishers, filled with powder, and pressurized with nitrogen. Halon fire extinguishers use a clean agent suppression system. They don’t leave any residue behind.

Sometimes people refuse to get a fire extinguisher because it won’t look right anywhere near the fireplace. In these cases, vintage fire extinguishers can be a perfect choice.

Vintage fire extinguishers

Vintage fire extinguishers can be restored to their original beauty as long as they’re mostly dent-free. No doubt that they look more attractive than a bright red hunk of metal. You can find antique fire extinguishers online, at garage sales and in attics. They are usually made of brass or chrome.

You can also consider buying a fire extinguisher cabinet. These are the boxes seen hanging in public buildings with extinguishers behind the clear glass. You should always keep a key nearby.

You should keep in mind that all extinguishers must be replaced immediately if broken. Inspections should be scheduled annually. Hydrostatic pressure should be checked once every 5 years.

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