Iron or Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

There is a variety of styles, features and finishes of fireplace screens. They are useful if you have children or animals that may try to get in a home sale. Fireplace screens also keep out bats and other pests that may go down by the fireplace.
Fireplace screens come single, 3 or 4-screen control panel. Fireplace screens come many styles to suit personal tastes of each individual. There are traditional and contemporary styles, and garnished. Traditional fireplace screens are much easier with basic detailing.

Contemporary fireplace screens are simple but elegant and certainly look perfect in any room. These may be colored black or retailer or just be plain and do its job. As for ornate fireplace screens, they are more flashy and decorative.
All kinds of styles of fireplace screen can have a variety of finishes.They allow the owner to match with other decor in the room. Main types of finishes are as follows: black bronze, brass, gold, copper, silver, tin, or colored.

Fireplace screens may contain different features to make them unique and beautiful.

Some of the most popular often seen on the fireplace screens are those that are curved or bent. Curved fireplace screens allow the screen to fit nicely around the fireplace and open to a screen that is just straight.
There are also the screens that contain doors. These fireplace screens are covenient for people who use the fireplace quite often. The doors allow the owner to access easily to the chimney if he/she wants to clean or replace the wood.

Fireplace screens can be made of several materials: iron, steel, wrought iron, stained glass, brass, aluminum and wood. Some are stronger and last longer than others.

Remember that if you want to get a piece of quality, then think of various details and functions of your future fireplace before buying it.

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