Fisher Mama Bear Wood Stove

Fisher Mama Bear wood burning stove is almost 30 years old. In the late 1970s Bob Fisher bought an A-frame cabin in the mountains of Oregon. It occurred to him that burning wood in the fireplace was not heat-efficient and that there may be a better way to generate heat from a stove. He created the first airtight steel-plate stove that was welded together.

Fisher Mama Bear Stove Review

We could have chosen other Fisher Stove: Papa Bear or Baby Bear. But Mama Bear was just right.

In 1979 we were new homeowners anf the 1-st thing we did was install a wood burning stove it was Fisher Mama Bear, big enough to fit a 20″ log and hold a fire through the night. 300 and some pounds of 5/16 plate steel lined with fire brick, a massive thing to radiate for hours. No reason it won’t last for generations.

It was the hey-day of wood stoves, driven by a rise in heating costs and people was looking for some cheap heating tool.
Of course you had to get some wood for this thing but back then it was almost fun and you could get your friends to go out in the woods and bust it hauling chunks of wood out of the woods just for the companionship and a few beers.

I had a 1955 Chevy pickup painted primer grey with an ‘87 V-8 engine 4 on the floor that we got for 600 bucks. I upholstered the seat with denim and made a walnut sun visor. We were Ma and Pa Kettle ‘cept the sucker could haul ass. So now I have a Stihl that starts nice and a different truck from Japan and a wood lot that is not far away and each spring I do this ritual, albeit solo, of bringing in the winter’s warmth.

New Fisher stoves are no longer available. They didn’t pass the EPA emission standards set for newer stoves and the romance of wood heat faded a bit. It turns out to be a lot of cuttin’, haulin’, stackin’ and ashes and cleaning the flu so folks switched to coal or pellets or back to oil or gas. But they say the stove business is picking up again recently ….. Read more

fisher-stove-mama-bear fisher_mama_bear_wood_stove

Fisher Mama Bear Wood Stove in Classified

Mama bear stove in excellent condition-they last forever. just too big for my needs at this time 6 inch exhaust and can use up to 25-26 inch wood. will need 3 to 4 strong folks to load, especially if up to high truck. $575 obo. (paint not uneven on front-was still wet where i wiped dust off) … (from

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