Fisher ‘Papa Bear’ Model of Wood Stove

In the 1980s, the Fisher Stove International Organization looked at the safety regulations and began enforcing them. Fisher realized that the early models of Fisher stoves did not meet the EPA regulations, but the new models did.

Fisher stoves were built like a tank.They were not as efficient as today’s furnaces, the secondary combustion catalyst or a have, therefore they are less heat per unit of burned wood.They have an internal baffle (a steel plate), the volatile gases turned back into the fire before leaving through the chimney, which helped a little.Fisher Stoves should firebrick on the sides and base.

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I am curious what you all think of the price i may be getting on a wood stove ( wanting to switch over and get off the “GAS” grid as much as possible).

Its a Fisher PapaBear Wood stove, and they want $300.. its really rusty on outside, but that can be fixed. I have priced NEW ones.. and OUCH… I have also looked on ebay.. but most of them are around 3-400 also.. This one is actually IN MY TOWN so no gas wasted really! giraffe_baby

I have a fisher stove, love that thing, heats 2400 square feet of house on an open floor plan. I live in GA. though so you may use more wood than I do, I use about 2-3 cords per year and that includes what I use for my Sears Woodburning cookstove in the winter.

They may not be as air tight, but mine has lasted for six years and was purchased used and still looks great. Yes, they do have firebrick in them (at least mine does). sidepasser

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