Hearthstone Soapstone Wood Stoves

Hearthstone stoves are designed and crafted to be the centerpiece of the room or home. These stoves are meant to be placed next to be as elegant and refined as any fine piece of furniture. Hearthstone stoves are constructed out of the most durable materials. And all pieces of a Hearthstone stove are strong against corrosive elements.

Hearthstone Stoves

Hearthstone Stoves

Hearthstone is also famous for its unique and exclusive designs. The stoves of this brand are designed to very easy to maintain. Many of them have features that are lacking in other wood stoves. Hearthstone stoves are often made of soapstone, rather than just cast metal.

Soapstone has many benefits for Hearthstone models. Soapstone absorbs heat and radiates it for hours after your fire has burned out. But if you prefer cast metal instead of soapstone, Hearthstone wood stoves are also available in all-cast iron woodstoves.

Design of Hearthstone Stoves

Hearthstone products are available in beautiful colors, including matte black, blue/black satin enamel, and brown majolica finishes.The smallest woodstove model (the Starlet) is available in four different colors of granite.

The Manufacturer of Hearthstone Stoves

Hearthstone stoves are manufactured in Vermont. Since 1978, HeartStone has been recognized for the innovative use of distinctive materials for use in woodstoves. Advanced concepts in thermal technology are used to create woodstoves that are highly efficient, easily operated, and provide more heat from less wood.

It’s good to note that HearthStone stoves meet or exceed EPA and the state of Washington clean air standards. The combustion system is designed so that the extra cost of catalysts are not required. The air flow in the firebox is engineered to to burn volatile gases that are a by-product of combustion. This provides more heat from the wood burned, with less smoke and creosote in your chimney.

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