Heatilator Efficiency

Heatilator has been advancing the cause of home heating efficiency for decades. And nowadays Heatilator fireplaces and hearth products are one of the most popular brands.

They offer wide variety of products:



A Heatilator is a combination of wood heater and ventilator. Heatilators feature a special venting system that draws in cool room air and exits it as warmer air, and what’s more, the air in this venting system never goes through the firebox, so it doesn’t get fouled with ash, smoke, or other disagreeable odors. A Heatilator routes air around the firebox and allows it to heat, without any of the drawbacks associated with traditional fireplaces.

Types of Heatilators

Heatilators are available that use wood as a fireplace fuel. However, you can also purchase a Heatilator that runs on natural gas or LP (liquid propane). The gas Heatilators are considered to be more efficient than the wood burning ones, due to the natural waste of energy associated with burning wood.

But some customers prefer the ambiance and the smell of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The best of both worlds is to maintain that but also take advantages of air venting technologies in a Heatilator to at least improve the efficiency of burning wood to heat your home.

Advanced Features of the Top Models IntelliFire Ignition System

This energy savings system is included on all top of the line gas Heatilator units. In the IntelliFire ignition system, there is no pilot light burning all the time and wasting precious natural resources. Instead, when a flame is needed, the system provides a spark using electricity. In the event of a black out, never fear, an integrated battery backup system is there to supply enough power to produce the needed spark. Only Heatilator units have the IntelliFire ignition system. IPI ignition system. This system is an electronic solution to the pilot light problem. Units with IPI ignition do have pilot lights, but they do not burn all the time.

Usually the IPI system ignites the pilot flame, and this in turn lights up the gas in the main burner. Therefore, there is a pilot light, but it only stays on using fuel whenever the main burner is also in operation, hence the use of the term intermittent. In this case, an IPI ignition system saves fuel over a model that uses a traditional pilot light. But it does not save as much fuel as the IntelliFire system, which is entirely pilotless.

Heatilator Fireplace Top Recommendations

  • Heatilator Recommendation 1 – the NDI30 – This insert is made of metal and operates on either liquid propane or natural gas, therefore capturing the efficiencies involved in the burning of fossil fuels. Featuring the IntelliFire ignition system, the NDI30 offers homeowners a realistic fire and large flames, but is airtight for energy efficiency. With several options in terms of finish, the NDI30 can be customized to fit seamlessly into your existing decor.
  • Heatilator Recommendation 2Constitution Wood Burning Fireplace Compliant with standards published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Constitution fireplace can be operated even in areas that have strict air quality control standards — even those that have banned the use of conventional wood burning fireplaces. This is because is qualifies as a “Phase II” fireplace by the E.P.A. and is considered environmentally friendly. The unit produces over 51,000 BTUs per hour and features two separate blower fans to vent heated air into your home. The rate of combustion is controllable with just a single lever and installation is inexpensive. Heatilator’s standard warranty comes with this unit.
  • Heatilator Recommendation 3 - HEATILATOR GDFL60I is best known for their wood burning and gas fireplaces, but the company is no stranger to the appeals of the electric fireplace as well. This unit serves as both decorative heating solution and room divider, all at the same time, since it’s see through. It can also link rooms and provide heating to both.

A realistic artificial flame complete with glowing and flickering logs provides a facsimile of traditional fireplaces. It’s good to note that the installation is simple with no vents or gas lines required, simply a supply of 110 volt electricity.

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