Heating Process with Wood Furnace

Wood furnace, generally placed outdoors, is a coal fired furnace that is virtually irreplaceable in your house.
There are indoor wood furnaces as well, but it is preferable to place them outdoors. There are even models fitting to woodsheds and shops.

Is it a whole set?

What objects does wood furnace heating system comprises?

  • Jacket or cabinet
  • Access doors for stroking and cleaning
  • Blower
  • Firebox
  • Small blower (to fan fire and intensify heating )

What other things are usually needed?

  • Evaporator coil for central air
  • Electric air cleaner
  • Humidifier
  • Air performance media filter
  • A coil to make domestic water

How does it operate?
The Wood furnace is a water coated stove that operates according to the following scheme: the water that covers the stove is heated and pumped through pipes to the building to heat it. Heating is, however, not the only function of the wood furnace. The wood furnace provides hot water in sufficient amount to satisfy needs of a whole house.

Wood Furnace Heating

Wood Furnace Heating

As you see, the process is a simple one, but especially important is its cheapness and affordability. Cost effective and convenient system of heating is a great option for those who want to stop losing money.
In spite of the simplicity of such kind of heating, there are certain peculiarities requiring attention: size, air conditioning, amount of wood put in it and so on.

Outdoor wood furnaces vs. indoor ones

Reasonable use of wood furnaces brings many advantages to their owners. One of the main advantages is economy of money. The quality heating is a result of efficiency of the wood furnace. What kind of wood furnace is more efficient?

Outdoor wood furnaces are considered more efficient and thus can help you save much money. Indoor wood furnace owners aren’t unhappy with their heating devices, but still outdoor wood furnace is likely to use less wood and be more efficient.

Air conditioning

You may happen to need a condensate pump as the operation of wood furnace inevitably causes air conditioning. Duct as well as Evaporating coil works clearance from combustibles due to high temperature in the supply plenum. Check manufacturer’s recommendation to become more aware of this thing.
To prevent air conditioning gas or oil burner working in combination with wood furnace will be twice as instrumental.

Furnace Size

The size of your wood furnace is actually your option. However, there is something that you should leave to professionals: calculation of the size of blower and output.

Before bringing your idea of your wood furnace into existence make sure it is sized according to common standards.

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