Heritage Wood Stoves

If you are a homeowner who wants to burn wood, there is nothing more efficient than a wood stove. Nowadays’ wood stoves with improved combustion technologies produce extremely low emissions, andadditionally they are being as high as eighty per cent efficient. A wood stove can provide effective space heating for most or all of your house, with careful placement.

A wood-burning stove is a heating appliance, which is capable of burning both wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel. Usually the appliance consists of an adjustable air, a grate and a controlsolid metal (steel or usuallycast iron) closed fire chamber. The appliance will be connected to a suitable chimney or flue which will fill with hot combustion gases once the fuel is ignited. It’s very important that the flue or chimney gases are hotter than the outside temperature because will result in combustion gases being drawn out of the fire chamber and up the chimney.

Some models of wood burning stoves produce outputs greater than 70,000 BTU per hour with maximum burn time exceeding twelve hours. It means that you won’t be setting the alarm to feed the stove in the middle of the night.

If you are looking for the heat from a wood burning stove but the look of a fireplace visit our wood fireplace section to see a variety of heat producing fireplaces. One of the more popular models are Heritage Wood Stoves.

Heritage Soapstone Wood Stove

Heritage soapstone stoves

Heritage soapstone stoves

This model of the venerable Heritage woodstove is affering the additional features for more explored aesthetics and functionality. It features optional rear or top flue exits, soapstone facing on the side loading door , new detailing which adds beauty, and greater heat output with a larger fire box. All this makes this new Heritage woodstove a perfect choice for a sophisticated customer.

The Hearthstone Heritage woodstove is using soapstone for extra mass, so it radiates heat for about four hours even in case of you letting the fire go out. It os rated for up to 1,900 square feet, making this stove the larger Hearthstone Mansfield model, which is available for bigger areas. Both stoves in this line have earned EPA certification for low emissions.

There are also some nice features:

  • a side door for easy loading,
  • a large glass window for viewing the fire,
  • a lifetime warranty.

There’s also an ash pan to ease cleanup, but it is getting a lot of criticism from owners of these stoves. The stove is easily adapted to burn only outside air, which is allowed to minimize indoor pollution. Experts are recommending this kind of stoves if you live in a cold climate which requires heat all winter long. For quicker, briefer heat, you should consider a steel-bodied woodstove such as the Vogelzang Defender TR001 (estimately $600).

Harman XXV Heritage Wood Stove

`Harman Heritage Stoves

`Harman Heritage Stoves

Harman is one of the most recommended wood burning stove brands in the market. The 50,000-BTU Harman Heritage XXV wood stove is the top model which the manufacturer claims as being the quietest. The Harman stove uses wood pellets can heat an area up to 1,700 square feet and can handle wood pellets of any grade, and the sixty five-pound hopper and large ash tray, which minimize the maintenance.

The stove is designed to work automatically and it is both thermostat-controlled and self-igniting. The temperature control is computerized for consistent comfort, and the thermostat is using a probe which can be placed anywhere in the room. An optional battery backup keeps it going even if the electricity goes out. The warranty for this  stove is for six years. If you can put up with less convenient cleanup and more noise in exchange for a lower price, you should consider the less expensive Summers Heat 55-SHP10L (which is estimately $1,300).

There are some buyer’s guides in credible publications, which mention this Harman’s model as a top pellet-stove brand. Energy-efficiency expert Jim Dulley gives the most detail on its advantages, but better-known publications include This Old House, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Consumer Reports.

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