Jotul Wood Stove

Nowadays Jotul is the largest manufacturer of cast-iron woodstoves on the market. This brand has a long history. Jotul has been making quality cast iron stoves since 1853. Jotul wood stoves perform very excellently in heating the room within couple of minutes. These wood burners have been designed with much care. The cast iron physique will last for the several years.

Jotul 3CB is very efficient wood burning room heater which can make the room much cozier and comfortable. It has the very strong and durable heavy cast iron frame which weighs 265Ib. It’s good to note that it is very much easy to use. Therefore, people can opt for this device which has the outstanding performance track record. This wood burning appliance is also decorated with the glass cover which will increase the visibility and viewers will see what is burning inside.

The Jotul F 118 CB Black Bear is very beautiful in design. The overall elegance of this wood burner overtakes other models. Therefore people show their tremendous zeal to purchase the Jotul branded stove which will be in full activation for year after year. It has the maximum 5 year warranty offer.

Jotul CrossFlow™ is the sophisticated mechanism which has added the extra glow and dimension to the burning process and the hearth will produce the adequate heat for keeping the warmth of the bed chamber. The good and much efficient wood stove will have the minimal flash but it will produce the maximum heating. There will be no risk of getting wounded by the flying ash, burning embers or the burnt wood pellet.

Firelight CBF600 model is the oldest wood fireplace which will provide the maximum heat to remove the teeth gnawing cold. It is very workable and fantastic in design. It is built with the durable and solid cast iron frame. This device weighs approximately 465Ib. This model is well equipped with the infrared glass reflector which will display the inner picture in wonder way.

Jotul Firelight model has shown its expertise in warming the chamber within short time range. It’s good to note that there is no risk of getting injured or burnt as the device is extremely protected with the fantastic and durable doors and the hard framework will be in safe even in over-heating.

The Jotul F 400 Woodburning Stove

  • Jotul Wood Stove F400Height – 744 MM
  • Width – 670 MM
  • Depth – 597 MM
  • Weight – 156 KGS
  • Colour options: Matt black paint Blue Black, Pewter, Majolica Blue, and Majolica Brown enamel
  • Flue Diameter – 150 MM
  • Max Heat Output – 10.5 kW
  • Min Heat Output – 3.9 kW
  • Nominal Heat Output – 7.5 kW
  • Flue Outlet – Top or Rear
  • Height to Centre Rear Flue – 645 MM
  • Cleanburning – Yes
  • Airwash -Yes
  • Can have 12 mm Hearth – Yes
  • Fuel – Woodburning
  • Options: Firescreen
  • Short legs (150mm) – available in many colours Blue-Black
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