Wood Fireplace Surround

What is a fireplace surround? The fireplace surround is the area surrounding the fireplace, along the top and sides, and usually includes the mantel and hearth.

Fireplace Surround

Fireplace Surround

The fireplace surround is usually made of marble, granite, concrete, stone, brick, wood, tile, plaster and etc. You can enhance the fireplace surround with the use of mirrors, ceramic relief friezes, ornamental appliqus, glass, decorative columns and lighting. If your prefer stone or brick, you can choose natural or pre-fabricated fireplace products. Nowadays there is a large assortment of style and color available for each.

China Marble Fireplace and Carving Items provide marble fireplace, mantle surround, statue and sculpture, column and fountain, garden ornament, stone sink and countertop. All in nature stone, marble or granite or limestone.

No doubt that wood can create very different atmoshere in the room. If you prefer a classic style, then oak is your choice. Cherry is sophisticated. Pine and Birch are rustic or natural. Staining the wood presents further choices.

Fireplace Tile Surrounds

Nowadays the use of tiles on the surround is very popular. Larger tiles, 8-inches to 12-inches, are most common. They add texture and dimension to the surround. No doubt that ceramic tiles provide a variety of options for creating colorful patterns and decorative borders.

It’s very important to underline that there are many Do-It-Yourself Fireplace Surround Kits available for assembling your own fireplace surround. Some of these kits feature interchangeable ceramic, marble and mirror tiles which allow the surround to be easily transformed within minutes.

You should always remember some tips when designing your fireplace surround. First of all, the surround should match or complement the door and window trim for room continuity. You should also keep in mnd that if your fireplace is visible from the kitchen, the surround should blend with the kitchen floors and cabinetry.

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