Fireplaces and Stoves by Mendota

Fireplaces made by Mendota Company have a lot of beneficial points in them, which they can provide you with. These fireplaces not only help their owner to heat the rooms inside the house, but also serve as an aesthetic unit which will certainly increase the general view of your house. Everybody have their own taste and perception concerning choosing the best for themselves. There is many companies selling and offering different kinds of this product for these reasons. At the same time, the problem is that some of them don’t have quality good enough. Among the companies which offer both good and high quality fireplaces is the Mendota Fireplace Company.

The Mendota Company is the most award-winning manufacturer in the fireplace industry. Some of this company’s offered fireplaces are Mendota gas fireplaces, gas inserts, and gas stoves. These kinds of product will appeal to yo with countless satisfaction , warmth and ease every time you use them. There are some of them listed below.

Gas fireplaces

In case of you building, remodeling or renovating your house, the Mendota’s gas fireplace are created to help to make the new house more beautiful. This also uses a certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency gas wall heater which helps to warm and comfort the room.

Gas inserts

The kind of Mendota fireplace which is both convenient and efficient. This is expertly engineered to fit the existing enclosures. The problem on operation , buying wood logs, and cleaning messy ashes can be avoided by using this kind of appliance. Gas insert fireplaces produce less than one pre cent of harmful emission comparingly to any kind of fireplace.

Gas Stoves

For the people who desire a one-touch efficiency and convenience of gas, Mendota’s gas stoves are a great choice. The gas stoves are designed to let their owner enjoy the rural feel of a wood burning stove. This kind of Mendota product will add clean-burning warmth and rocky stylishness to the room.

Mendota fireplaces are certainly proven to be one of the best among fireplaces. Each fireplace design has it’s own characteristics and is unique.

Luxury Gas Mendota Fireplaces

Mendota Fireplace M

Mendota Fireplace M

A division of Johnson Gas Appliances is Mendota fireplaces. This company was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1901 to produce industrial equipment and gas furnaces, and the focus audience were high school students in vocational technology classes. The Mendota line includes stoves , fireplace inserts and gas fireplacesas well as custom-designed fireplaces for high-end customers. Mendota has also had time to amass a number of awards at industry shows and competitions, since Johnson Gas Appliances has over one hundred years of experience making a variety of gas appliances.

Tuscany Gold Fireplaces by Mendota

The Tuscany series of fireplaces to prove a display of pure luxury is decorated with a made from pure 24 karat gold grape and floral motif. Obviously, the resulted effect of dancing firelight on gleaming gold cannot be possibly understated. The main idea is to remind the owner of the ambience of a rustic Tuscan vineyard which is bathed in golden sunlight. Nothing in terms of attention to detail has been omitted – for the highest possible level of realism, even the logs inside of the fireplace are hand-molded from real life logs.

Due to its high efficiencies (up to 86.4%) and undeniable aesthetic appeal this line of fireplaces has won “Best in Show” at a national Hearth Products Association Expo. One of the most importnat things which set this fireplace apart from the majority of another designer and luxury models is its ability to continue functioning even during a power outage. It means that no matter what, you and your family can continue enjoying the warmth that the Tuscany Gold fireplace will spread. Additionally, the use of all outside air for burning preserves the indoor air quality and doesn’t bring additional moisture to the house.

Bentley Fireplaces by Mendota

This Bentley series of fireplaces is accompanied with large nickel-bordered doors that have nickel screen and a sizable viewing area, which is designed to give the clear illusion of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Additional facing as a purely aesthetic option is available to give the fireplace more classic and massive style plus the additional true arch accent border surround.

A quiet, efficient blower  and wall-mounted controls make this a perfect fireplace for heating segments of your house to set the exact temperature which you choose. The owner of this fireplace can engage the thermostatic control, allowing the fireplace to regulate the room’s temperature at a preset level or directly control the temperature of the fireplace.

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