Peninsula Fireplaces

A peninsula fireplace is a fireplace which has three sides made of glass, and  is built into partial or a half wall. One glass side is shorter than two others. The peninsula fireplaces usually serve as a focal points of the rooms they are situated in and allow the fire to be clearly seen from any direction of view.

Why Choose a Peninsula Fireplace?

Peninsula Fireplace

Peninsula Fireplace

During the winter, when there is a shivering chillness in the atmosphere, fireplaces become the excellent place for family to gather near. You can acquire the much-needed warmth of Peninsula fireplace with its ambiance of sparkling flames notwithstanding a chilled weather outside. The days when you had to search for the logs, collect them and set the logs up to ignite the fireplace are gone. A peninsula fireplace is certainly a marvel of the modern innovative technology which you can easily get for you home.

You can get the instant warmth as soon as you switch your Peninsula Fireplace. More than that, the cozy and classic design of this kind of fireplaces can certainly bring even more beauty to the decor of your living room.

Even though on the first sight these peninsula fireplaces look like they are just a modification of the traditional fireplace, modern direct-vent peninsula fireplaces in a large amount of ways belong to the next generation of fireplaces. The hi-tech innovations have played a very significant role in solving a large amount of the hazardous issues and problems which are attached with the traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

In previous decades the traditional fireplaces were built through help of masonry of mortar and brick, which involved chimneys and foundations. Today direct-vent peninsula fireplaces are based on the zero-clearance technology . Peninsula fireplaces in the majority of cases are prefabricated units made up of glass and metal. Peninsula fireplaces are designed in a way which ensures that they can be installed in wood-frame construction without being hazardous. There is also no need of construction of a foundation, which is pretty convinient.

Peninsula Fireplaces Heating

Usually, the peninsula fireplaces come with passageways to assist the exchange of heat . Some models have the option of fans to boost this circulation of heat throughout the room. Generally you can achieve about seventy five per cent of the heat efficiency.

When you are choosing the right kind of fireplace for your house, you should look for its output capacity and it will tell you how much heat is generated by the fireplace. You can derive fireplace’s efficiency by getting the data of input andoutput capacity. Generally, the majority of these units emit from twenty five thousand to forty thousand Btus per hour.

Gas Peninsula Fireplaces Artificial Logs

Even though every gas peninsula fireplace model uses artificial logs to burn, you shouldn’t worry about the appearance of the flames. Earlier there were times when the flames didn’t look quite real. Nowadays, though, every model do produces very authentic fire. You can easily enjoy the high yellow flames and the radiant amber. More than that, the scented aroma of wood burning can also be experienced . The new artificial logs for the gas peninsula fireplacescome with more dense material emitting more heat than the natural ones.

Peninsula Fireplaces Designs

These indoor firaplaces come in a variety of different designs like more standart and island models, which are four-sided of peninsula fireplaces. This kind of fireplaces also come in the shapes of bay-window and corner units. Sizes do vary. Their width may range from thirty to forty eight inches and height from twenty four to thirty inches, they are usually quite shallow – depth ranging from thirteen to eighteen inches. The peninsula fireplaces come up with both rear and top venting designs.

Peninsula Fireplaces Controls

Controls on the peninsula firaplaces usually vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some fireplaces have a piezoelectric ignition, or an electric spark ignition, to save energy. Some models also come with the option of generator in order for the owner to be able to get the warmth even at times when there is no power supply. Remote controls have the facility of adjusting flame-heights , blower speed controls and even adjustable thermostats.

Peninsula Fireplaces offer the aesthetic beauty of wood fire with the convenience of gas and an amzing glass design. But you need to remember to look for the certification of American Gas Association when bying a gas model.

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