Timberline High Quality Wood Stove

Timberline wood stove models have a history of quality and excellence. Timberline was founded in 1977. At first it was a trucking company that delivered firewood, sand, stones and gravels. As the time passed, it started to evolve and branch out to include chimney sweeping and repair. From there, it jumped for selling fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves. And in the late eighties, Timberline became incorporated as AAA Timberline. Nowadays this company offers a wide range of fireplace related goods and services.

timberline wood stove

Timberline is proud to offer products that are durable and high quality. It’s good to note that Timberline stoves are designed to meet even the highest expectations. Timberline stoves offer the highest in efficiency and craftsmanship.

Timberline stoves can produce up to 35,000 BTUs per hour. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it is a measurement of energy. BTU is used to describe the heat value of a product. Timberline stoves produce a very high number of BTUs to heat the greatest amount of space. No doubt, Timberline stoves are carefully and thoughtfully crafted to look great in any home.

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