Tramontina Dutch Oven

The Tramontina company has sold cookware, for example, their very well-known Tramontina Dutch ovens, all across Europe since the start of the twentieth century. The quality cooking equipment of this company has come to the United States’ market only since the late eighties.

The Tramontina cast-iron Dutch oven is reasonably durable and its trademark is containing a porcelain interior for cooking ease. This oven is a perfect serving piece, which can go in the oven or on the stovetop. The oven can also be used as a covered casserole dish. It’s also possible for the cast-iron Dutch oven to go straight to the table after cooking to keep food at the desirable temperature.

Tramontina Cast-Iron Dutch Oven has following features:

  • It can be used as a covered casserole dish
  • Has enamel interior made of porcelain
  • Serve food straight from the red cast-iron Dutch oven to keep food hot
  • Goes in oven or on stovetop

This type of Tramontina Dutch oven has a lifetime warranty, which is an extremely convinient deal.

Tramontina Dutch Oven Overview

Tramontina Dutch Oven

Tramontina Dutch Oven

Tramontina’s Gourmet  Quart Covered Cassrole Oven is an essential item in any kitchen. It’s designed in a vibrant red porcelain enamel finish, and is actually, the ideal vessel for many dishes, including slow cooking ones.

Every Tramontina Dutch oven is constructed from sturdy cast iron in order to make sure that the heating is even and the heat loss is reduced. The inside pannel of each pot is lined with scratch-resistant porcelain enamel in a very light, neutral cream color, and at the same time the outside is painted in porcelain enamel in one of several colors of the customer’s preference. These ovens come in two  different sizes, and the larger of them is ideal for making a casserole, stew, or roast.

They can even be used for frying and are perfect for no-knead bread recipes . The Tramontina Dutch oven can be used for simmering , browning and sautéing on the stovetop, followed by moving directly to the oven. Tramontina pots and pans, according to reports from customers, are quite long-lasting and retain their ceramic coating extremely well, with only insignificant discoloration or chipping.

Tramontina Dutch Oven Characteristics

This oven measures at forteen by 11-2/7 by 7-4/5 inches anf the covered pot is holding 6-1/2 quarts, which makes it extremely well-suited for slow cooking dishes, such as homemade stews and soups, braising meats, sauteing vegetables, roasting poultry, frying , and even baking. This type of ovens also works greatly for one-dish meals, for example, those, which start from browning meat and sauteing onions, adding liquid and other ingredients in order to finish in the oven or on the stovetop.

The oven’s interior feature a light-beige, smooth, porcelain-enamel finish, which doesn’t require any seasoning, and because of that it is ready to use right out of the box, meanwhile the exterior of the oven sports a gleaming, very effective looking red porcelain-enamel losk, which appends a splash of color to any cookware collection.

The Tramontina Dutch Oven is constructed from heavy-gauge cast iron, the oven itself doesn’t only distribute and retain heat equally (so there’s no hot spots to be alarmed), it also resists stains, scratches, and other damaging effects of regular household usage.

You can use it on any stovetop, which includes:

  • Electric
  • Induction
  • Ceramic
  • Gas

This oven is also designed to work under an oven’s heat up to 450 degrees F. There are two integrated side handles, which flank the casserole, and it helps to make sure that the transport from the kitchen to the tabletop or buffet is safe for use as serveware. The oven’s heavy, secure-fitting lid is designed to keep nutrients, moisture, and warmth contained within it, where the oven’s round stay-cool lid knob is making it easy to remove the lid when the timecomes to serve up dinner or give contents a stir. The covered casserole is designed to clean up easily by hand with hot, soapy water and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Tramontina Dutch Oven Quality

The Tramontina Dutch ovens continue to offer top-notch quality at an relatively affordable price. An ever growing amount of purchasers are discovering Tramontina as a budget-affordable alternative to expensive cookware. These pots are significantly more available now and generally in stock at mass retailers in the United States, such as Target and WalMart. If the purchased cookware malfunctions, the customer should note that the manufacturer is offering a lifetime guarantee on Tramontina dutch ovens.

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