Luxury Vermont Castings Fireplaces

Vermont Castings is a very high quality brand of the luxury wood fireplaces, and is, at the same time, a sibling brand to Majestic Fireplaces. Vermont Castings are offering wood and gas fireplace inserts and fireplaces as well as freestanding wood or gas burning stoves.

An outdoor wood burning fireplace is a remarkable alternative heating solution, which can be used in your home in case if you want to cut down on your monthly heating costs or if you have a limited amount of space in there. One of the best kinds of these heating solutions would be Vermont Castings wood fireplaces.

Use Wood instead of Fuels

Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

Vermont Castings wood fireplaces and other varieties, as far as their name implies, are designed to make use of wood instead of fuels. This makes these fireplaces quite economical when it comes to heating whole houses. It’s not only this, but this type of fireplaces will also allow you to make good use of previously wasted wood.

As a result, you can help prolong the global warming effects by lowering down the use of limited natural fuels. In case if you have an interest in using an outdoor wood fireplace at home, then you should start with learning the definition in order to have a solid idea of what these types of heating solutions are.

Basically, an outdoor wood burning fireplace is a heating system, which is installed outside the house. From the simple fact that this wood firaplaces are installed outside the house, a large amount of advantages quicly spring into mind. For one, having this wood fireplace located outside your house is allowing you to lower down the risk of fires inside your household.

Additionally, since Vermont Castings wood fireplaces run on wood, you can become good friends with the environment right the moment you start using this at your house.

Vermont Castings Chateau DVT Series – DVT38

The Chateau series of wood, natural gas or liquid propane fireplaces bring to mind the ambience and charm of early Rumford wood fireplaces at the same time offering the ease and economy of use of gas or wood fuels.

The Chateau DVT38’s gas valve control box can be mounted almost inside the door or  four feet to the right of the fireplace of Vermont Castings’ innovatively designed fireplace mantels.

This series of Wood Fireplaces Features:

  • High-temperature transparent ceramic panel
  • Radiant heat warms objects rather than air
  • 8-piece extra large “Split Oak” ceramic fiber log set
  • Cast-iron decorative andirons
  • Remotely gas valve control box
  • Majestic SK8 venting system
  • Either standing pilot or electronic ignition
  • Door frame, which can be framed by masonry, stone, drywall or marble
  • Two choices for brick liners: Herringbone Style Ceramic refractory or Large Traditional Style Ceramic refractory
  • Easy to use “On/Off” switch, which located inside gas valve control box
  • Millivolt gas control allows operation during power outage
  • Optional electronic ignition
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Clean Burning in Vermont Castings Fireplaces

Smoke billowing out of a chimney is more than bad for the environment; it is also a waste of fuel. Smoke is, in effect, un-burned wood fuel. All wood stoves sold in the U.S. and Canada must meet strict clean air guidelines set by the Environment Protection Agency and Canada.

Four of the five cleanest burning stoves certified by the EPA are produced by Vermont Castings. Most of our wood stoves use an advanced catalytic combustion system that turns wasted smoke into useable energy.

Decor Enhancement in Vermont Castings Fireplaces

With the traditional design, plus color choices, not to mention the entrancing allure of the fire itself, your Vermont Castings wood fireplace will be a centerpiece of any room.

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