Outdoor Wood Fireplace Chimney

If you want your wood burning fireplace or stove to be safe and effective, the first thing you should think about is a chimney. Adequate good-working chimney is a vital part of your fireplace system.

There are two main functions which is fulfilled by a outdoor fireplace chimney. The first function is carrying inevitable combustion(smoke) from burning fire. And the second function is providing fireplace with air in order to keep the fire burning.

When you are considering buying a chimney you should think about:

Bends in the Chimney is important because turns which lower the draft.
Chimney Height. A short chimney produces less draft then tall chimney.
Construction of Chimney. Round or insulated, it’s important to choose your chimney considering size and architecture of your house.
Chimney Location is very important because when using your chimney indoors and not outside you can have additional warmth of chimney to heat your house.

Chimney is not a visible part of a fireplace like mantel so it’s sometimes overlooked. It’s not right, because, having no decorative functions, chimney is essential to burning the fire.

Fireplace Chimney

Fireplace Chimney

Your wood burning fireplace chimney will need to be cleaned at least once in a twelve months, and it should be done by a professional. This action will ensure large amounts of creosote are removed and that any other kinds of debris cleaned. Surely, if you use your fireplace vey often, you should think about having it cleaned on a more regular basis.

There is also a matter of accidents, such as fire in your chimney.
In case of this you should at first close the fireplace glass door, shut the air inlets, get yourself, your family and your pets outside, and call the fire brigade. If you can, you should spray the chimney with water until they arrive.

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