Bay and Peninsula Corner Fireplace

Corner wood burning fireplace is a fireplace which is installed in a corner of room. Usually, corner fireplaces consist of a mantel and a standard firebox installed in a corner at a diagonal. But there is also a less common type – a peninsula fireplace with glass sides or a bay fireplace. This variant of a corner fireplace has its mantel modified.

Corner Wood Burning Fireplace

Bay fireplace is a fireplace which has three glass sides and two end sides which are shorter than the third. For a corner variant bay fireplace may have one short and one long side.

Peninsula fireplaces have three glass sides that are inbuilt into a wall, half or partial. In peninsula fireplaces two sides of glass are longer than the third side. A peninsula fireplace is usually a focal point of your room. It allows to clearly see the fire from any direction.

Why people choose corner wood burning fireplaces? The main reason is that a corner fireplace doesn’t take the entire wall.

Designs of corner fireplaces have much variety and innumerable advantages. Just like any other kind of fireplace, the design types of corner fireplaces depend on the type of fuel that will be used, whether the fireplace will be built-in in the corner or freestanding, and the overall d?cor of the entire unit.

Your corner fireplace design should fit with the rest of room decor. Comparing to usual fireplaces, corner fireplace design will surprise you in their variety and singularity.

Corner fireplace is ideal for virtually any part of your house. If for example you have a room which has many built-in features, leaving no space for a traditional built-in fireplace, then a corner fireplace will be your best option because it requires no fundamental renovations.

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