Unique Wood Fireplace Mantels Designs

Wood burning fireplace mantels can easily be the focus of interior decoration of room they are situated in. The mantel can be called a crown of the whole wood burning fireplace, so it’s very important to make your fireplace mantel unique and elegant. You can choose traditional, modern or even self-designed look – the purpose of mantel is to appeal to your own personal preferences.

Kinds of fireplace mantels

The right kind of fireplace mantel can change your fireplace insert or fireplace into a great addition to home furnishing. Fireplace mantels can be made of metal, high-quality wood, or stone. You can paint your mantel yourself, though only with non-combustible paints. Any other kind of stone paint will peel quickly due to the heat.

Wood burning fireplace mantels don’t usually need any maintenance except for occasional dusting or vacuuming like every other piece of furniture. Any kinds of smearing or spots can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Wood Burning Mantel

Wood Burning Mantel

In the ideal case, wood burning fireplace and it’s mantel system should have compatible design and complement with your home interior.

If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your old mantel it can be suggested that you also renew the facing of the fireplace, too. With flow of time, things are aging. It won’t do any good to place new mantel to the old, chipped, damaged, outdated, stained or uninspired fireplace.

Wood Fireplace Mantels Buying Guide

Mantels can be usually bought in different sizes and designs, by choice of wood(if you want it to be available for painting), by choice of readiness(mantel can be finished according to your wishes). There are standard sizes of mantels but you also can usually order special sizes in order to accommodate the width, height and depth of your wood burning fireplace.

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