Venting Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove is a appliance for heating which is capable of things like burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel. A wood burning fireplace stove is not the same thing as plain wood burning fireplace. Although there are exceptions, fireplaces are rarely used for central heating of the house. It’s because fireplace often causes all rooms except the one they’re in to grow cold. Wood burning fireplace stove, on the other hand, generates intense warmth which is being spread on a large amount of space.


Generally the venting wood burning stove consists of a closed fire chamber, made of solid metal (usually steel or cast iron), an adjustable air control and a grate. The appliance is connected to a existing chimney or flue which fills with hot combustion gases when the wood is ignited.

When buying free standing wood burning stove you should consider following issues:
• Heating needs. You should know how much space you need to be heated and how large heat loss will be.
• The cost of fuel. Either wood or pellets can be used in wood burning fireplace stoves.
• Emissions. It’s not a secret that older stoves and traditional wood burning fireplaces produce a large amounts of smoke.
• Convenience. Stoves don’t function independently. You’ll need to do things like load and light and stoke you stove by hand.

Styles of wood burning stoves

Wood burning fireplace stoves come in a large variety of styles, from classic to thoroughly modern.

It’s important that for your heating needs you should use wood of high quality. The best kind of wood for heating the house is hardwood – it burns very slowly and generates a large amount of heat.You should handle your wood burning fireplace stove with care in order to avoid burns and other accidents.

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