Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Fire Pits

During the cold season probably you would like to spend more time outdoors in your patio. But before buying you should decide where are you going to build your fire pit. Remember that the surface should be level, free of vegetation, and not too close to your house. You certainly want to feel the warmth of your fire without creating a major insurance claim.

No doubt that the portable wood fire pits give a wonderful glow and sound from the natural wood.

Fire Pits Brands

Coleman fire pits are very nice propane fire pits that has a powerful 21,000 BTU burner. The Coleman copper top outdoor fireplace is basically elegant while being very simple in its design.

Wood for Fire Pits

Patina Fire Pit With BBQ Grill

Patina Fire Pit With BBQ Grill

Keep in mind that the wood, that is used in the wood pits, has to be stored and kept dry. The fire has to be started and kept going by you. Besides you’ll need a fire screen to keep the embers from flying away. You’ll also need a fire pit cover to keep everything dry. Don’t leave the old burned firewood in your fire pit, because the rain can occur. If you leave the wood, then when you decide again to have a fire on the patio, you have to spend much time cleaning out all the black soot from the bowl.

Avoid using fresh or unseasoned wood. It’s practically impossible to get the fire started. The evaporating moisture would keep on dousing the fire, thrusting all the more smoke over guests and neighbors. That is why it’s so important to use suitably seasoned or treated wood. In this case a fire begins easier, produces more heat, and saves your guests from running out of your house for air.

Different Kinds of Wood

A few words about different kinds of wood. It’s important to underline that there is small disparity in energy content per pound between the different wood kinds. However, densities differ greatly and influence the cost of firewood. Usually the denser the wood, the more is the energy content as well as heat generation. Hardwoods generate longer-lasting fires along with coal beds. And the softwoods burn more rapidly. They don’t create a great deal of a coal bed.

That is why the only benefit of softwoods is that they catch fire quicker. So they can be used as starter wood.

The finest hardwoods in terms of heat generation devoid of intense smoke consist of:

  • Pecan
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • White oak
  • Beech
  • Red oak
  • Dogwood
  • Apple
  • and Hickory.

The majority of excellent softwoods in terms of fast warming fires that generate average heat and are used up earlier than you go to bed are spruce, southern yellow pine, and fir.

If we talk about open-air fire pits, the perfect wood will be apple and pinon pine. Apples wood is popular because of its lovable fragrance and the way it burns hot without producing a great deal fire. It is also known as the best cooking wood. Pinon isn’t so good for cooking. But it generates a breathtaking aroma and keeps away mosquitoes as well as other insects naturally. No doubt that  different woods  perform in a different way and serve different functions, from a practical as well as economical sense.

So the best  wood is the one most accessible to you, easiest to tear that doesn’t have sand or mud, and doesn’t leave sap on your hands and clothes. Besides it is very important to have as much as necessary wood, properly sized to your open-air fire pit or hearth and weathered, as it should be.

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