Harman Wood Pellet Stoves

No doubt that pellet burning stoves are a popular alternative to traditional wood burning stoves. Harman and Whitfield pellet stoves can be a perfect choice for homes that cause high heating bills. They are often installed as an additional heating source.

Pellets and Wood Sawdust

Antique Wood Pellet Stoves

Antique Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellets are usually made from 100% wood sawdust with no additives. In the past, these sawdust byproducts would have been destined for landfill sites. Nowadays they are used to produce nearly smokeless heat for wood stoves. They take up a fraction of the storage space because pellets are more compact than wood.

Most pellet burning stoves can be loaded to release pellets slowly so that manual tending of the stove’s heat is unnecessary. This can allow time-released pellets that maintain a steady temperature and ensure safe and steady combustion. Many Harman wood pellet stoves require electricity to operate. But battery packs are available in case of power outages.

Wood Pellet Stoves Installation

It’s very important to underline that wood pellet stoves are easily installed and maintained for almost any location in the home. Here are some regular tasks to provide smooth operation of your pellet stove.

These are:

  • Emptying the ash pan each week.
  • Filling the hopper with pellets.
  • Cleaning the burn pot, hopper, doors, glass and ash traps periodically.
  • Professional annual servicing.

In addition, you can use pellets in antique wood stoves these days.

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